In order to accommodate some of the new ideas and products we are launching soon, and to better prepare for the new upcoming partnership we will announce soon; we are swapping the old BCM to a new contract that will have the following deflationary features:


Boom Crypto Market(BCM)將進行PRIVATE,並在DODO上進行公共眾籌,之後將開放交易。 屆時將共有50,000個BCM供群眾使用,佔BCM總供應量的一半。 將向人群池分配25,000BCM,而剩餘的25,000BCM將用於增加DoDo的流動性。

Hello Boom Crypto Market community.

Boom Crypto Market (BCM) will carry out a PRIVATE, and public crowd-pool on DODO and trading will open afterward. A total of 50,000 BCM will be crowd-pooled at this time which accounts for half the total supply of BCM. …


oom Crypto Market is a platform that allows both service providers and buyers to execute business transactions via an escrow system.

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