Private Sale & IDO Announcement!

Hello Boom Crypto Market community.

Boom Crypto Market (BCM) will carry out a PRIVATE, and public crowd-pool on DODO and trading will open afterward. A total of 50,000 BCM will be crowd-pooled at this time which accounts for half the total supply of BCM. 25,000BCM will be allocated for the crowd-pool while the remaining 25,000BCM will be used to add liquidity on DoDo.

IDO Crowd-pooling details

IDO link on DoDo:

  • Token name: BCM.
  • Total supply: 100,000BCM
  • Crowd funding form: Fixed Price.
  • Toke contract address: 0x26caba196478b2eef1ed5009c675c4243bb6d547.
  • Total number of tokens in the crowd-pool: 50,000 BCM.
  • Total number of tokens for crowd-pool participants: 25,000 BCM.
  • Total number of tokens for DODO liquidity: 25,000 BCM
  • Total number of tokens in private sale: 5,000 BCM.
  • Crowd-pool price: 1 BCM = 15BUSD.
  • Initial MarketCap: 750,000BUSD
  • Initial Diluted Market Cap: 1,500,000BUSD


  • Crowd-pool price : 1BCM = 15BUSD


Participation time:

Opens at 13:00 UTC, April 14, 2021 — Ends at 15:00 UTC, April 16, 2021.

  • Private Sale price : 1BCM = 10BUSD (Vested for one month).


Participation time:

Opens at 21:00 UTC, April 08, 2021 - Ends at 11:00 UTC, April 12, 2021.

Minimum purchase — 0.5BNB

Maximum purchase — 10BNB

Transactions that violate these minimum and maximum purchase caps will be refunded.

Private sale wallets will be whitelisted to be able to begin staking after DODO listing.

Buyers in the private sale at 10BUSD per token, will have their allocation vested for a month. But presale buyers at 15BUSD per BCM token will receive allocation immediately after DODO listing.

After the end of the crowd-pool, every user who participated in the event can receive their token share in their wallet, and DODO will open the BCM/BUSD transaction at the crowd-pooling public sale price.

Note: After the conclusion of the Crowd-pooling, BCM purchased during the private sale and crowd-pool will be immediately sent to each participant’s wallet. DODO will then make the BCM/BUSD trading pair available for public trading.

Liquidity protection period: 90 days

  • Private sale hard cap and public sale hard cap will be announced after the event. Please refer to the information on our social media channels.

Additional Notes on Crowd-pooling

  • Do NOT send tokens or interact with the Crowd-pooling contract address before or after the Crowd-pooling. Your tokens may be lost forever and DODO is not liable for any asset losses due to user contract interactions outside the Crowd-pooling period.
  • You can freely adjust your Crowd-pooling stake amount at any time before the Crowd-pooling ends.
  • If the participants’ total staked amount is below the Crowd-pooling hard cap, all participants will normally receive tokens (i.e., the number of tokens received = the amount participants staked / token price). The leftover tokens will be put into the market-making pool and become available for spot trading.
  • If the participants’ total staked amount is over the Crowd-pooling hard cap, then all participants will receive tokens proportional to their shares of the pool at the initial offering price. Any difference between the amount participants staked and the tokens’ actual cost (i.e., token price * the number of tokens received) is then refunded back to participants.

Participation in Crowd-pooling is NOT risk-free. DODO is not liable and will not be offering compensations for any asset losses caused by factors such as project mismanagement, arbitrary and/or malicious token minting, and secondary market manipulation. Cryptocurrencies are a high-risk asset class, so please always proceed with caution and beware of various risks



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